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 Saving lives with quality blood services in partnership with the community.

Al.Shorouk Hospital Blood Bank was established in……….

Safety and Quality services were the main objectives of the blood bank since its first days, and the blood bank was ISO certified since 2006.

The blood bank staff and management do their utmost to assure safe and effective blood components.

Hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV 1 & 2 and Syphilis are mandatory screening tests for every blood component issued.

Blood Services


Al.Shorouk Blood Bank realized our customers' patient transfusion needs vary. So we provide components and service solutions that you can rely on, with a commitment to provide the best and most advanced products.

Blood components:- 


·       Packed RBCs.

·       Packed Filtered RBCs.

·       Packed washed RBCs.

·       Fresh frozen plasma.

·       Cryoprecipitate.

·       Irradiation of blood component.

·       Single donor platelets.