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Our Clinical Pharmacy department plays an essential role in Al.Shorouk hospital multidisciplinary team. We value our ethics and take pride in the specialized service we provide to the patient. We optimize the medical service we provided to patients through our consults and rounding on medicines and drugs given, and help in decision making of medication therapy insuring proper use of drugs. As well as our unique admixing unit which serves as a safe and sterile environment for admixing specific drugs such as intravenous chemotherapy and other intravenous drugs for critically ill or immunocompromised patients. In addition to all the above, we also provide special parenteral nutrition services for hospitalized and out-patients. Adequate nutrient is essential for patients to achieve the best outcome and benefits our patients in numerous ways.
We aim to enhance Quality of life of all our patients, and we take joy and fulfillment in our work as one team with one goal…for better health care.