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Our ICU is a general one in a modular pattern. It comprises 12 separate patient modules. Each patient module is equipped with one electrical bed for one patient with a utility column overhead that is the source of electrical power, two oxygen outlets, one compressed air outlet and one vacuum outlet with overhead illumination for patient comfort. Each patient module is also equipped with bedside monitoring equipment that permits observation of the patient's electrocardiogram, O2 saturation, respiratory rate, end tidal carbon dioxide, non invasive and invasive blood pressure monitoring. All patient units are connected to a central station area that permits visualization of all patients vital parameters. The ICU is equipped with the most up to date life saving devices as ventilators of which two are Hamilton, 5 dragger and 1 Bennit. Two DC shocks for resuscitation: life care and zoll biphasic devices and one portable x-ray device with all other resuscitative emergency equipments. Also in house physician services are provided on 24-h. basis linked to central station area by telephone. Specific rooms out of the twelve are equipped with a certified source of water supply for bedside hemodialysis.